About Rameshwaram International Academy

Rameshwaram Educational Society (RES) came into being in the year 2003 and as it approaches the 20th milestone, we can proudly say that it has earned a reputation commands and due respect in the sphere of education. The Society has established premier Institutions in the field of Engineering, Pharmacy, Management and Faculty Training etc wherein, the Students focus on learning system shall be recognized as the base for Quality Education. Rameshwaram Educational Society believes in professionalism and modern approach to education as its hallmark. The Rameshwaram Educational Society has been registered under the Society Act, 1860. Our architect and guiding lights are Hon'ble President Mr. R.P. Shukla and Vice Presient Shri B.P. Shukla whose vision and enterprising skills have ensured that Rameshwaram Educational Society fulfils its commitments with dedication to attain educational excellence. Mr. S.P. Shukla, one of the Directors of the Rameshwaram Educational Society who is a successful entrepreneur with penchant for excellence, has given the institution a rare touch of Perfection and erudition.

The mission of the Society is to promote excellence in the field of Educational Engineering, Pharmacy and Management. The main objective of the society is to establish various technical institutes to groom the students, the Future Generation.