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Greetings to you!

“Real are the dreams of God and smoothly pass their pleasure in a long immortal dream.”
As the academy session 2016-2017 comes to an end, leaving us with sweet and sour memories.
“सा विद्या या विमुक्तये”- with this motto our Rameshwaram International Academy school’s flag waves high in the horizon of knowledge, imparting quality education last 13 years, Contributing to the mission literate India.

"All work and no play make jock a dull boy”, Apart from provided education, our school nurture the young talent with extra curricular activities and also provides them the platform where their inherent talent can be carved into beautiful sculptures.
Everyone is a genius. But, if you judge a fish on ability to climb a tree if will live its whole life believing that he is unsuccessful. I would further, like to extend my pleasure, in introducing the school magazine. The school magazine is the mirror to which it reflects the image of school sourly.

This pen can not be put down without thanking Principal Sir, Teaching Staff and Support system of team Rameshwaram International Academy. Further, the editorial board will and hopes for the same support and cooperation to continue with the same efforts. Always thank your nurse, sometime they are the only one between you and ahearse.
Good Luck !

Anshu Pandey