Director's Message

It gives me immense pleasure to write a few lines for the school Magazine of Rameshwaram International Academy, Lucknow, Session 2016-2017 creativity in any form, “for the good of society”

particularly the Students, is a hallmark of human civilization and prosperity.

The School magazine presents & expresses-
(i) Creative talents of students.
(ii) Narrations of School activities.
(iii) Achievements of students.

I firmly believe that Rameshwaram International Academy has done a very good job over a period of 12 years of its existence, in training the mind of students and nurturing their heart to become a successful Entrepreneur on the scale of excellence.
Education determines the path of progress and prosperity for which Rameshwaram International Academy is very much committed as it is evident from the articles and reports published in the magazine.
I wish the Principal, Staff and Students a very good luck to achieve their set goal under the able guidance of School Management to fulfil the aspiration of parents & ambition of pupils. As a Commitment for national service.

B.R. Dubey
Trustee I.P.S.C.
Director I.P.S.C.
Educational Consultant Lucknow

S.N Tripathi
(Director RGI)

It gives me pleasure to inform you that RGI is going to publish its annual magazine “Vibhore’ 2018 on the occasion of annual function.
The foundation stone of RGI is RIA which provides quality education for all round development of students. As we all know magazine is mirror of activities done in the institution throughout the year.
Principal Sri Sanjay Kumar with his qualified and dedicated team is doing best for the betterment students.
Various curricular and co-curricular activities are certificate of success achieved. Education is natural harmonious and progressive development of innate powers.
Institution is doing best in all direction. Wishing a bright future to all students and staff.”

Akhil shukla
(Executive director, RGI)

“Our mission is to provide positive catalytic impulse to every CHILD to stretch his inherent learning competencies through a self discovery process.”
At Rameshwaram International Academy, the uniqueness of each child is recognised, nurtured and treasured emphasis is on LEARNING and not on teaching.
Education is a complete process that leads to the attainment of the full potential off the child. Our endeavour is to equip our students with life-skills to face the real world be it planning, organizing, deciding, questioning, reasoning analysing, team-building, communicating effectively or dealing with challenges confidently.
Our focus is to develop our students as global citizens, with tolerance, respect & appreciation of diverse cultures & religions for a life-learning experience They should be self-motivated, independent, confident decision makers to take up a leadership roles in future.
At R.I.A., we arm our students with technological supremacy and help them integrate it with values, morals and our cultural legacy. The schools curriculum has been painstakingly planned on scientific guidelines to provide students with intellectual simulation, physical robustness. Social adaptability, emotional independence and leadership qualities. It is our endeavour to establish a quality-conscious school where-
* Excellence is driven by values
*Success is strengthened by ethics and
* Modernity is fortified by tradition
We at R.I.A., provide holistic education where children evolve as individuals who are self-motivated and creative individuals, who can think, question and reason out logically, individuals who are independent, confident and leaders capable of taking decisions.

I am delighted to write that R.G.I., Lucknow is publishing another edition of its annual Magazine “VIBHOR-2018”. R.G.I. has grown continuously in the recent past. While continues to sustain its growth. People reading this magazine will realize the in depth happening in the R.G.I. campus. The magazine is presenting a glimpse of the growth of institution on many occasions.
The college has been simply unstoppable in its progress as it has been actively involved in various activities that have brought to light the hidden talents of the college students and staff. The highly qualified and dedicated members of staff have always stood shoulder to shoulder with the management and have carried out their duties with a level of commitment.
This magazine has recorded achievements such as workshops attended by Faculty members and students, competitions won by the highly talented students, innovative projects carried out by students with the guidance of faculty members. They stand as a witness to the monumental efforts taken by the management to make the college venue of excellence in education and research. I extend my greetings and bests wishes to the teachers and students of the R.G.I. and wish their Endeavour’s for future prospects.

Prof. (Dr.) A.K. Tripathi
Ph.D. (IIT) B.H.U.
Director (Engg.)

RITM is a premiere institute working towards providing students all round knowledge coupled with exposure to practical experiences. Management education has undergone a sea change in recent years. There is a definite shift towards entrepreneurship, retail management and other specialized management streams. Students these days are equipped with the ability to handle uncertainty, enterprise resource planning, IT and finance are the favourite of managers to be.
The emphasis is laid on the all-round development of our students Besides academic excellence, students are equipped with the ability to observe, generalise and extract a concept. The other significant trend that continue to muster numbers are candidates opting for MBA After Gaining work experience and engineers enrolling for MBA. As the part of overall development including the personality the MBA students are trained to be true professional who meet industry requirements with clear proceedings in areas of HR/Finance/Marketing/IT/IB.

Dr. Monika Agarwal
Director (MBA)

I feel immense pleasure to know that Rameshwaram Group is publishing its annual magazine. Rameshwaram group has contributed constantly in the field of basic and higher education.
The department of PGDM is committed to developing business leaders of tomorrow by creating an environment of self-learning by encouraging students to think on their feet, to experiment and learn by doing. The emphasis is both on theoretical concepts as well as practical life examples to ensure a holistic development of the mind and heart. The typical teaching methodology consists of – working on a real life case study, live projects, group assignments, role plays, presentations, debate, group discussions etc.
The faculty members have been handpicked from the top institutions of the country, and they bring the right blend of theoretical concepts and relevant industry experience to help bridge the gap between theory and practice. The culture at the Institute facilitates not only learning from academicians and eminent industry captains but peer learning as well which is aptly by a scientifically designed curriculum, through continuous industry interaction. The focus is on developing and honing the overall personality of students so that they are well equipped to handle the complexity and rigor of business world. I extend my best wishes for successful publication of the magazine on the occasion of VIBHOR 2017

Dr. AmitkumarKhare