Sarabhai House


Coming together is a beginning
Keeping together is a progress.
Working together is a success.

We are the followers of above given lines. Our Sarabhai House, the Yellow House is dynamic, determined and daring one. It is lead by a belief that “We are more than just an ordinary group.” We believe in hard work and no fuss. Inspite of all ups and downs winning the loosing, it was an enjoyable time. Whole year we participated in all the competitions with great enthusiasm and sporting spirit. For the whole year we got the support of collective hard work of students and teachers.
Yellow, being the colour of the sun, inspite us to shine brightly. Every member of our House is proud to be the part of it, which shines with the qualities of perseverance and the never give-up attitude. We all are inspired to come forward and face every challenge with the team spirit.

S.N. Category Name Class / Group Position
1. Elocution (English) Shreshtha Saxena Senior I
2. Elocution (Hindi) Sita Yadav Senior II
3. Debate (English) Agrima Singh Shayaan Senior Junior III II
4. Debate (Hindi) Aagrim Singh Senior IV
5. Group Song --- --- Senior Junior III III
6. Group Dance --- --- Senior Junior IV IV
7. Mehndi Competition --- Senior I
8. Quiz Competition Ayush Dixit Shresht Saxena Ananya Tiwari  & Shayan Ansari Senior Junior III II
9. Speech (Hindi) Khushi Yadav -2 Primary IV
10. Kavi Darbar Kushagra Junior III
11 Rangoli Competition IX to XII VI to VIII -- -- Senior Junior II III
At last I would like to greatly thanks our Principal Sir for bestowing the responsibility upon me and my team.

Pillars of the House

  • Mr. Vishal Sonkar
  • Mrs. Rita Pandey
  • Ms. Ayushi Verma
  • Mr. Anoop Vishvakarma
  • Mrs. Anoopa Bajpai
  • Mrs. Anjali Pandey

House Mistress: - Prerana Singh